Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Zippered Baby Sleepers

Please allow me a little rant. I hate snaps. I despise installing them, and find them slow and clumsy to use on a squirmy baby. Admittedly they are sometimes the best answer to a closure, but I fail to see how it is necessary to have snaps all down the front of a baby sleeper. They are also ridiculously expensive at the local chain sewing store-- I just paid $3.00 for 7 silly snaps (the kind you install with a pressure tool). Assuming you destroy at least one, which always happens to me, that is $0.50 per snap. Ridiculous. (I really must get my act together and order some online!).

Zippers, on the other hand, are fast to use, and not too difficult to install once you get the hang of it. They also are ridiculously overpriced at local chain sewing stores, but usually obtainable for about $3.00 each also. (Another case where I really should stock up online!)

I couldn't find a pattern for a zip sleeper like this anywhere! So I traced a favorite and made my own pattern. The cuffs on the bottom were sort of an afterthought-- the legs seemed a bit short and I thought I'd get a bit more use out of them if there was a cuff there. If they had been part of the original plan I would have made the zippers go all the way down. I've since put a sew-on snap there to hold them in place (sometimes a snap is the thing for the job...!).

The main fabrics are from Fabric Worm: Blue School and Bugs by Birch Organics. The trim on the Bugs sleeper is a bit of aqua bamboo knit from Nature's Fabrics and the trim on the Blue School is rust cotton/spandex from Fabrics Universe on Etsy. The zippers are lightweight separating zippers from Joannes.

I just adore these fabrics! Boy prints can be rather unimaginative... and these are very fun. They are rather expensive though-- baby clothes are the perfect excuse to enjoy them, since these were made up with 1/2 a yard with room to spare.

They look cute... we'll have to see how they work on a real live baby boy!

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