Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tiny Waldorf Baby Doll

On my list of things to make before the new baby comes was something special for my 3 year old, to be given to her shortly after the baby was born. She is already obsessed with dolls and is constantly labeling them babies and mamas, so I thought a tiny waldorf baby doll, a doll for a doll, would be perfect for her.

Strangely, there seem to be very few of these around. The most popular ones are heads with little pillow bodies, and I really wanted to make something that was more doll-like.

I ended up adapting the pattern for the button baby doll that I had made in the 16-inch size previously. It took a number of tries to get the proportions right... just scaling down the pattern resulted in what looked like a disturbingly malnourished premie!

I ended up with a doll that is about 6 inches. The head size is pretty realistic in proportion to the body... about 1/3 of the height, which I think I've decided that I like. The other alternative would to be to make the head more like 1/2 of the height of the doll, which would have resulted in a more cartoony, perhaps "cuter" doll... but I didn't go this route, at least this time!

For the hair, I usually crochet a cap, but that looked out of proportion on this doll, so I ended up embroidering the head with mohair wool yarn.

Making the clothes for the doll was really difficult... the proportions were difficult, and I just couldn't convince my machine to sew such tiny seams. I had to hand sew, and I never hand sew! But it came out pretty cute. I used a tiny bit of leftover Birch Organic knit fabric along with some matching cotton knit for the top, and bamboo interlock with velcro closures for the diaper.

I deliberately left the gender a bit ambiguous. I wanted to let my daughter choose... she could see the doll as a representation of her new brother, or she could choose to read herself as a baby into the doll. I sort of can't help seeing it as a girl though, but I think that is just my bias.

I also created a sling for the doll, to be worn by her full-size Waldorf doll that she already calls "the Mommy doll." It is just a tube of woven fabric. There is 1/4 inch elastic sewn in a circle to create a depression for the baby doll, and 1 inch elastic sewn into the back of the sling to fit over the larger doll's shoulders.


  1. Hello, I have the same dilemma. My son loves his plastic baby which is probably about 8-9 inches tall and I've been searching for a small Waldorf baby that's not in a pocket. Might you be able to share your final pattern? I'd be open to a swap as well. Cheers! Mia

  2. I would love this pattern as well!!!

  3. Hello, we are starting a Waldorf School in Kenya and I am looking for the pattern of a baby doll for the kindergarten. I would love if you could share this pattern with me and we can bring some babies into our new classroom. With Gratitude!M

  4. Love it if you could sell the pattern.