Friday, March 6, 2015

What to wear when you are VERY pregnant...

What does one wear when they are MASSIVELY pregnant? Because I get huge when I am pregnant, there is just no hiding it. Until my maternity leave started recently, I've also needed to look somewhat professional for work. I haven't bought a single item of "maternity" wear-- the readily available styles turn me off and I can't see spending all that money on something I'll wear for a couple months.  

For pants, I have a stash of wide-legged yoga pants, mostly black-- all, unfortunately, the discontinued Still Pant by Lululemon. There has got to be something similar on the market these days... quite honestly I haven't looked. I did however buy some Lululemon fabric from Peak Fabrics, with the thought that I would make some of my own... but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I also wear leggings (also Lululemon, bought back before the translucent pants fiasco...). Of course, oddly enough, the ones I'm wearing in these photos are navy blue! Oh well. 

Generally, I prefer to wear super-stretchy knits, tunic length or even better, dresses that now serve as tunics. The stretch knits help to define shape, without looking so blatantly "maternity," and they grow with my endlessly growing belly! Thicker knits help smooth any bulges (stretchy pontes, double layered knits, or lined). Drape or cross necks are a plus since they also work really well for nursing later on... I hate baring my belly in public, and usually have a scarf or wrap around to use for coverage from above if I need it. 

The above dress is my favorite, favorite thing to wear this winter. It is a drape neck wool jersey sheath, lined with rayon knit lining. Self-drafted... just a simple tube. I actually cut this out a couple YEARS ago, and it was languishing in the bottom of my unfinished project bag because when I cut it, I had never lined anything and I was daunted by the process. When I found it again this fall, I sewed it up in a couple hours. With a sweater, it is super-cozy in the sub-freezing weather we have been having, and with the dress length (now tunic-length) I never have to worry about adequate coverage.

I also have several tops made with the same self-drafted drape neck pattern, just not quite this long. They are fantastic for both maternity and nursing, and so quick to cut and sew. For thinner knits, I do a double layer in the front for extra coverage.

This is an adaptation of the Megan Neilson maternity wrap pattern. I blogged the original here. While it looks super cute in the photos, I really don't wear the original because I can't deal with all that wrapping, and I can't stand always looking down all the time to see if I'm still properly wrapped! So in this version, I used the top of the pattern and just cut a rectangle (slightly flared to the hips) for the body of the top. At this point, I wish it were a couple inches longer... it just barely fits. It would also be better with a sash under the bust, or perhaps a bit of elastic there to help define the shape. The fabric is a stretchy rayon-lycra knit from Marcy Tilton (I think... might have been Emmaonesock).

This is a knit sheath dress, made in a very cool striped knit with a sewn texture. The pattern is New Look 6643... which I blogged in a very, very different style here (this was my maid of honor dress for my best friend's wedding!). Made up in a knit, it is a nice relaxed sheath dress, so versatile! The fabric is from Marcy Tilton. 

Another unblogged project, a tunic-top from a Vogue pattern. I made this in early fall, and it has served well as a maternity top, despite the fact that the fit is a bit loose. At this point though, I sort of wish it was a couple inches longer!

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