Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Green Baby Surprise Jacket (take 2, 3-6 month sized this time I hope!)

So this is take two on the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. (Take one is blogged here). My copy of the pattern is from her book Knitting Workshop. This time I made sure I was getting the gauge-- 6 stiches/inch. I used a slightly lighter yarn, Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in 3 colors... moss green, "banana cream" (just as an accent color) and a "greens multi." It is considerably smaller... I forgot to take a picture of the two jackets next to each other, but 1 stitch per inch difference made a huge difference in the size... this one is at least 1.5-2 inches smaller in circumference. It looks much more in the range of what a 3-6 month old baby would wear, which was what I was going for. 

I did an icord bindoff this time in the Banana Cream. I used the same wooden buttons... I'm sort of obsessed with these. 

Very happy with it... can't believe I got it done before the baby came. Now please, please come baby, mommy is rather tired of being pregnant and wants to meet you!

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