Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bamboo Baby Blanket with Crochet Edge

Another project inspired by Purl Soho, this time it is their Flannel Receiving Blanket. I love the look of the flannel they used, but they are out of it and I couldn't find it anywhere. Which is a shame, because I have such a hard time finding a good flannel... they stuff they sell at Joanne's gets rough and almost pill-like after a few washings, and the times I've ventured to buy flannel online have not gone much better. The one exception is bamboo flannel, and I already have a bamboo flannel receiving blanket. 

However, I am in love with the bamboo fleece I used to make the Purl baby sleeper. My local store was out, so I ordered online from Vancouver Bamboo on Etsy. It was a good price and just like the stuff I used for the sleeper. For the edging yarn, I used Cascade Superwash Merino Sock yarn from their Heritage Paints series. Such an expensive yarn... $17 a skein! But I thought machine-washable would be an advantage in a baby blanket, and I totally fell in love with the colors.

The fabric was plenty thick and I love both the knit and the fleecy sides, so I didn't double it like the pattern suggests, but rather just folded over an edge and sewed it down.

I used a 2.35mm steel crochet hook to do the crochet, and a 1.5mm steel hook to punch the holes. At the corners I punched an extra hole near the edge, and crocheted a loop. Not sure why, I just thought it would be cute!

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