Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pajamas Part 2: Bamboo Knit Nursing PJs

While I'm on my PJ kick, I just had to make some new nursing PJs for Mom. Once again, I haven't made any in years! But I'm still wearing and loving the 4 pairs I made before little Bug was born. 

The pattern is totally self drafted. It was one of the first patterns I ever made, so it is sort of a mess of a pattern, but it does the trick. It is modeled after nursing PJs by Japanese Weekend which I have never seen in person, but looked like a good design, and the sizing was traced off of other tops I own that fit well.

I'm not sure what the real JW PJs are like, but mine are fantastic, even if I do say so myself! They are great for nursing, day and night. The cross front provides enough support for light wear around the house without a bra, at least for me. The front panel is a double layer, so it absorbs any light leakage, and I can slip a pad between the layers if the leakage is heavier. The bamboo knit (from Natures Fabrics) is super soft and doesn't pill at all, even with less than gentle care (machine wash normal, hot dry). The knit is super stretchy and I make the length extra-long so it covers my belly even when I'm gigantic (like now, 40+ weeks pregnant!).

I'm also loving the colors this time around. The teal is fantastic, and I wasn't so excited about the gray but adding the striped trim (which is a scrap of rayon/lycra from another project) was totally inspired. 

Economically I definitely feel a bit smug, since the JW PJs cost $70 each, and I have a feeling mine are better anyway-- bamboo, more generous length top, double layer front...! 

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