Sunday, March 22, 2015

Green Striped Baby Booties- Autumn Street's Baby Ugg Pattern

This baby is giving me too much time... I just finished a pair of booties to go with the cardigan and hat!

C'mon baby... just come, we want to meet you!

Anyhow, the booties are from a free pattern on Ravelry from Autumn Street called "Baby Uggs." I don't know about Uggs, but I thought they looked cute and like they had a chance of staying on baby's feet!

I used Cascade 220 Superwash Sport, which was leftover from the cardigan. It is machine washable merino wool (with some poly blended in). I used size 5 needles (circulars, just because that is what I had). There was no gauge on the pattern, but mine was 6.5/inch in stockingette and they came out a little small... 3 inches rather than 3.5 inches in the length of the sole. But they look like a good size for a newborn, and are very stretchy!

The pattern is knit flat, then seamed up the back. I thought it was very clever shaping, and rather well thought out. Here is a picture in progress.. you can see the striped cuff, which will be turned down so that the right side shows (the pattern take this into account) and the toe of the bootie is at the center top.

Here you can see it folded in half... almost looks like a bootie!

Cuff folded down...

Front view (I have it on 48 inch circulars, which are certainly overkill! The pattern suggests straight needles, but I don't have any of those!)

And here is the sole... it is knit flat, then you split it between two needles and seam it up the center with kitchener's stitch.

Finished booties!