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Favorite and Fails: 2018 Sewing Year in Review at Unlikelynest

2018 Sewing Year in Review at Unlikely

A week into 2019... hopefully not so far in that we can't take a look back at the best and the worst of 2018! Mostly the best ;). 

Most popular makes (based on blog hits and Instagram likes)

Sequin Amy Jumpsuit, Frida Jenny Overalls, Wiksten Kimono in doublecloth linen, Italian Print Amy Jumpsuit

I'm so proud of all of these, and I love wearing them! I haven't made so many show-y pieces since before my kids were born, lately I've been more focused on basics. A special thanks to Heather of Closet Case and Kelli of True Bias for the encouragement with the #sewfrosting challenge. 

I am very honored to have been featured in Closet Case's Sew Frosting Highlights (in the Oonabaloona category!) and in their 2018 Favorite Makes of the Year, Patternreview's Member of the Month (December), and Helen's Closet's Wednesday Weekly.

Most worn

Liesl/Kalle Shirt dress, Black linen Amy Jumpsuit with Wiksten Kimono, Liesl Shirt with Ginger Jeans, Kalle Shirt with Ginger/Sasha Pants.

While I love pulling out the fancy stuff for an occasional pop in my daily wardrobe or a special occasion, most of the time I prefer to allow my style choices to play a quiet background to my busy life. When I was in Rome for 4 months, I wore had about 5 Liesl and Kalle shirts and 3 pairs of Ginger/Sasha pants, and I wore these non-stop. This summer and fall my Kalle shirt dresses have been central. Lately I've been living in my Black Linen Amy Jumpsuit and Jenny Overalls.

Speaking of basics, I've been fairly successful in my RTW fast this year. Bras and socks are allowed in the "fast" rules, and I definitely did buy these. I felt a little bad about purchasing a Patagonia down liner jacket this year, but I decided that it just would not be time and cost-effective to make this item. I'm really glad I purchased it thought... it works great with my trench coats and my wool coats, singificantly increasing the range of temperatures I can wear them in, and it is incredibly warm and light.

Black Linen Jenny Overalls

Most popular sewing posts from the past

Tilton Asymettric Wool Blazer, Hey June Lane Raglan, Ginger Jeans Pocket Inspiration, Personalizing the Helen's Closet Blackwood Cardigan

Burberry inspired trench

It's interesting looking back to see which posts have become most popular, they often aren't the ones I would have expected. The trench post is very expected-- I imagine many sewists attempt a classic trench at some time in their sewing. It also makes some sense that the Ginger jeans pocket inspiration post is popular... whenever I make a pair of jeans those back pockets are like a black page staring at me. The possibilities are endless! I should make a new post about tees... the Union Street tee by Hey June is actually my current go to. 

Favorite makes from past years

Kalle Shirt Dress, Missoni Cardigan, Wool Coat, Anthracite Cotton Trench

I haven't made any coats this year, but I so very much appreciate the ones I've made in past years. The Anthracite trench was amazing in Rome this year, and lately I've been wearing the long wool coat all the time with my jumpsuits and Kalle dresses. This summer I lived in my original green Kalle dress. For some reason I've loved wearing my zigzag cardigans this year- the earth-tones Missoni cardigan was made way back in 2013.

Sewing fails

I am terrible at blogging my sewing failures! I know I should... it is very helpful for me to read about patterns that didn't work out for other bloggers. But taking photos of failures is just so depressing. So, for now, a list. Also, just to note--just because these patterns didn't work for me, it doesn't mean that they won't work for you!

--Tessuti Robbie Pant-- The Robbie looked great on Karen Templer and so many others. Technically the fit is fine... but that wide waistband hits me at an awkward point, and ends up rolling down under my mom-belly, which means the crotch lands at my knees... not a good look for me. 
--Tessuti Demi Pant--I think that there is a reason that I don't own any elastic waist pants. The crotch-waist area on this pattern was a total disaster for me... I ended up just chopping the whole top part off and adding an elastic waist that sits on the hips. I love the way the fabric is folded at the hem, but I also was testing this in a linen that didn't have sufficient body to really show off the cool architectural design of these pants. So, a fail for me, but you might have better luck!
--Deer and Doe Myosotis--This is such a spectacular fail for me that I'll probably blog it later this year once I get over my disappointment. Such a lovely pattern, made in a lovely fabric... but the style just looks dreadful on me. I thought perhaps I was going to put aside my dislike of gathered skirts on me... but no, not happening.

Sewing for family

Princess and Pilot, Concert outfits, Christmas PJs, Annual Swimwear

The only family sewing I've managed to blog is their Halloween costumes, the Princess and the Pilot. I also made the Cosi Swimsuit, which was very easy and a great fit for my daughter. Unfortunately the Pattern for Pirates swim trunks didn't work out for my son, I don't know what happened there, but the fit was so off that they were unrecoverable, good thing his ones from last year still fit!

The kids got new outfits for their piano concert, including an Oliver and S. Buttoned up Buttoned down shirt for my son and version of the Girl Inspired Princess Dress for my daughter. Everyone (except me!) got home made PJs this year. My daughter requested a nightgown, so I made her the Ellie Inspired Beautiful Dreamer, with significant fit modifications, in a gorgeous flannel by Dear Stella called Foxtail Forest Treetop Party. For the boys I used the free Pattern for Pirates PJ pants, which was spot on for my son but could use some work on fit for my husband.


Bunny Lovey

Velveteen Rabbit

It's incredible to see all of your Bunny Loveys and Velveteen Rabbits! I should do another roundup post on these, there are so many beautiful ones out there.

So, I could keep on, but I think I'll leave it at that! It's been a great sewing year.

Happy New Year!

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