Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Missoni Wool Cardi-Coat

This was actually one of my first major sewing projects when I got back into sewing, and it is still one of my favorite garments to wear. The fabric is a gorgeous wool Missoni chevron-knit sweater fabric from Emma One Sock. If it isn't the real thing, the fabric is gorgeous enough that I am happily fooled. It is soft but still has that warm-woolie feel, and there are pretty feathery yarns and some that have some glossiness, without being glittery. I haven't seen a fabric like this since, I'm glad I made the splurge then.

The pattern is improvised from a cardigan sweater, and modeled after a Missoni design. I used the selvages for the sleeve and bodice hems, and crocheted an edge with a wool yarn. The shoulders and armholes are stabilized with weft interfacing cut on the bias.
The Inspiration

Considering everything I know now, it is sort of remarkable I pulled this off. Cardigans are definitely one of my favorite things to sew, they are so forgiving and satisfying.

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