Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Missoni Skirt

I got bit by the Missoni bug, so when some genuine Missoni fabrics showed up at my favorite online fabric store (Emmaonesock... just fabulous stuff!) I purchased just one precious yard of this fabulous fabric to make my very own Missoni skirt.

The fabric itself is amazing. It is a viscose knit, and has an incredibly soft hand. The pattern is very intricate, and the colors are vibrant and highly unusual... a great addition to my mostly BW wardrobe. I've seen many Missoni look-alike fabrics for much cheaper, but I have yet to see an imitation that has the lusciousness of the real thing.

I searched for the perfect pattern, but I couldn't find anything simple enough. With a stretchy knit and the strong zigzag pattern, I really just wanted a very basic pattern-- lightly shaped for my curvy body type, with minimal seams. I also thought I would like a seam in the back so that I could put a zipper in, and maybe a vent. So I ended up just drawing up my own pattern, with the help of some online tutorials and a tape measure.

I added a shaped waistband that is interfaced with a tricot knit for some body and stretch. I thought that if the knit ended up being excessively stretchy, a shaped waistband would help it stay on my hips!


The back has a zipper and hook and eyes on the waistband. I should have used an invisible zipper... instead, I used a regular zipper I had in my stash and tried my best to hide it. This is the one thing I sort of regret, so I may fix this someday.

For some extra luxury, the skirt is lined in a luscious nude silk jersey, and the edge is finished with a crochet edge done with a thin 100% wool yarn.

Real Missoni Skirt: $890 At Net-a-Porter.My DIY Missoni $105+: $50 one yard of Missoni flame stitch fabric, $40 for 1 yard of amazing quality silk jersey, $15 for the wool, and many (fun) hours of sewing. Working with gorgeous fabrics is such a joy, and matching the zigzags is totally fun!
It is also just amazing having a skirt that fits me perfectly. It is the perfect curve, form fitting but not binding. Also a really nice length, perfect for wearing with boots and knee socks!