Friday, November 22, 2013


Keeping track of all of Bug's words is becoming fairly impossible. But lately, favorite words include: heavy hot/cold She now can open some doors... the ones with lever-like handles that are at daycare and the doctor's office. She's added another gear to her running... she is very fast! She jumps with both feet, on the floor or down steps and curbs. When we were building a bed frame this weekend, she walked around the 2x8s turned on end like a balance beam, putting one foot in front of the other (holding onto my hands). She turns faucets on and off, if she can reach them. We read "Where the wild things are" last night and she pointed and said "Beasts, beasts!"

Monday, November 11, 2013

Words at 22 Months

Bug is now 22 months!

Favorite things to say this week:
"What is it?"
"Where did it go?"
Oooooh noooo!
Put it away.
Mine! It is mine.
Nooooo. (in answer to most everything) (Rarely, "Yes," clearly annunciated.)
Let's go!
Stuck (I stuck, it's stuck)
Whoa! It's a Whoa! (whenever balance is required... like walking on a bed, or a curb)

Baby, Mommy, Daddy, Julian
Dog, Bird, Cow ('ow) (and even, this morning, "Cat"). Of course every four legged creature is still a "Dala" first.
Choo-Choo. Trains, seen or heard, but also trucks.
Down! Jump! (once or twice, "up")
Potty (and Big Potty)
Water (for all liquids, or anything in a cup), (lately, "wat-y")
Sock, Shoe
Eye, Nose
Feet, Toe, Belly, Body
Yellow (and she points to the right color)
Watch (said once, with confidence, pointing to a watch in a book)
Wet, Rain
Appy, Apple (for apples and pumpkins)

Twinkle Twinkle (loves "up above the world so bright")
ABC song.
Ring around the rosies ("all fall down!")

She understands far more than she says. This morning I told her to go get her jacket from the bedroom, and she came back with it promptly.