Monday, September 21, 2015

Shirt refashion- Baby Vest (Oliver+S Art Museum Vest)

So Leo doesn't need another vest... but looking at the scraps I had left over from the BHL Peplum top made from a men's shirt, I just couldn't resist. I just love a boy who can wear pink and get away with it! The pattern is the Oliver+ S Art Museum vest, you can see the first one I made here.

The scrap situation was pretty dire-- I wasn't really sure I was going to be able to pull it off. Talk about just fitting...

And here, you can see how I had to piece together scraps in two places (there is a vertical join in the red portion).

I decided to do a flap pocket utilizing a bit of the collar. I didn't make the welt underneath, just a faux pocket this time! 

And for the belt on the back, I used the cuffs.  

I wanted a contrasting interior, so I had to break out another shirt... this one had silver and white stripes. 

This is a fantastic pattern... so cleverly designed, and it comes together quickly. Like the first time I made this, I underlined the front with cotton organdy to give it a bit more structure. There isn't much to say about it that I didn't already say when I blogged my first version... so I'll just share the cute pictures! In the pic below, Little lion is wearing the vest with a basic onesie top (gift from grandma) and natural linen Made by Rae big butt pants

And here everyone is dressed up, ready to go to a Milonga! In these pics, Lion is wearing his vest with jeans for a dressed down look ;). Nope, I didn't make the dress Little Bug is wearing, that was a used clothing store find.

I'm sort of on a roll with the shirt refashion thing. My usual places to fabric shop don't carry much in the way of men's shirtings, and I just love all of the subtle variations of stripes. Chambray and shirt-weight denim, too. Not to mention how awesome it is to have all of those readily interfaced pieces (collars, cuffs, button bands) to play with, and lots of buttons (I used every one from the red and pink striped shirt, and had to add a few from my stash). And you can't beat the cost, assuming you're willing to spend the time deconstructing and figuring out how to arrange your pattern pieces to take advantage of the material. I do have some other traditional fabric makes in the works, but expect to see more refashioning in the future!

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