Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet the Kitties

This is Flo, the cat we inherited with the house. Here she is showing her soft side, lounging on the deck. But don't even think about picking her up-- even petting is suspicious.

This is Dala. She likes this picture because it makes her look thin, and it shows her in one of her favorite stances-- figuring out how to get outside. She's an indoor-only kitty, and is fascinated by a house with so many portals that lead directly outdoors (as opposed to, say, a 2nd or 3rd floor apartment!) She is so sure she can take on the great outdoors, but the truth is, she is unbelievably clueless when she gets outside. In one particularly memorable escape incident, instead of rolling the grass or romping in the nearby forested areas, she proceeded to run down the sidewalk and right up the middle of the busy road we live on.

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