Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sour Cherries

There is so much to do around the house... but sour cherry season was not to be missed! We swept into Grisamore Farms at 4:15 (they close at 5!) and had 2.5 gallons of cherries in only 30 minutes. Such easy picking. So fabulous eating them right off the trees!

My mom always talked about sour cherries, but we never had fresh ones in the suburbia I grew up in. But they are a presence in June in upstate NY on roadside stands, and I fell instantly in love!

Pitting sour cherries is so much more pleasant than sweet cherries. The seeds come out with little coaxing, and your fingers are only sticky, not stained for days afterward!

We pitted enough to fill 8 quart bags!

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