Friday, July 16, 2010

Inherited plants

The previous owners of our house weren't avid gardeners, but they made a couple of botanical choices that are very much appreciated now!

There are two mature Rose of Sharon bushes nestled in between the deck and the house. Protected from deer and sheltered from the weather, they have flourished. The only drawback is that unlike new hybrids, they have extremely fertile seeds that create a forest of young trees if left unchecked. But in July, their blooms are abundant and gorgeous.

One of the Rose of Sharon bushes has pure white blooms, which I love, because they are so unusual. And there is one branch of pink/purple blooms mixed in among the predominately white blooms.

Under the Rose of Sharon bushes there are several hostas. Nearly overtaken by Rose of Sharon volunteers, weeds, snails, slugs, and ground hogs, they have persisted and even bloomed. I have high hopes that they will flourish next year, with a little pampering.

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