Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Striped Jenny Overalls

My favorite, favorite black linen Jenny Overalls are in the mending pile... they are worn paper thin in some crucial areas, so they're candidates to try out invisible mending. I love these so much nothing can replace them. But in the meantime a girl needs some overalls...

I bought this striped stretch linen from Emmaonesock thinking I'd make pants. When I got it, it was not nearly as stretchy as I thought it would be, and I failed to commit on a pants pattern. The thought crossed my mind: "What lovely overalls this fabric would make." And the fact is, overalls don't take much more fabric than pants...

And then there are always overalls with removable bibs...!

So I don't have a lot more to say about making the Jenny Overalls. They are great. I make them with the grading between sizes established in my black linen overalls and the Frida Overalls, and vary the width of the side seam based on how I'm feeling about fit (the pattern has a generous 1 inch side seam). These also have a double side button fly that you can see in this tutorial.

Lots of pictures and not a lot of text follow.

Outside of bib and inside of pants, showing the buttons for attaching to the waistband, and the buttonholes through the inside of the waistband. The very last hole on each side is attached to the jeans button on the double button side button fly.

I drafted a front pocket stay for this version, since my fabric had stretch and wasn't quite as heavy as one could hope. I sort of love it! French seamed in the manner learned from Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans. 
Machine blind stiched hem. I guess this photo would be better rotated 180 degrees, sorry.

Button side fly. Buttons are from Amazon, a set that included 6 different kinds. I was loving these nautical themed ones for this project.

Front bib and pants front seen from the front side. The bib is cut on the bias.

 Straps are faced with white linen. 
Back view... front side of straps and back side of waistband.  

I forgot to mirror the angle on the back of the straps... doh! But one really can't tell when wearing, so sorry not sorry, and not fixing it! The horizontal buttonholes are for the straps. The vertical buttonholes and buttons on the waistband are for buttonhole elastic that has yet to be installed. Long story short, I've been inspired by my 7 year old's little girl jeans to try buttonhole elastic so that I can adjust the fit based on how I'm feeling, day to day, hour to hour. Anyhow I'll write a post on that if it ends up working.

Inside of straps and waistband. 

I just LOVE these. Not quite as versatile as my black linen ones, but very striking.

Worn here with a white Liesl Classic Shirt.

More overalls in the making...


  1. I found your lost via the sewcialists firehose. These overalls are amazing! The bias layout on the bib is so striking. Love it!


    1. Thanks! Funny you found it through the sewcialists, I always think I should be more involved in their challenges, but it often gets away from me. Think I'm going to make the Denim challenge though, got pics!