Friday, May 13, 2016

Endless Combinations on Pattern Review

I've entered the Endless Combinations contest on Pattern Review. If you are a member, check it out... if not, it is free to join, and a great place to read pattern reviews and join forums about sewing.

Since I wanted to sew some new spring wardrobe pieces anyway, entering this contest didn't take me too far away from what I really wanted to be sewing, anyway.

So the way this contest works is that you sew at least 4 items (I sewed 5!) then you pair them up together A+B, B+C, etc. However, A doesn't have to go with C. Since every item doesn't have to go with every other item, it allows you to do things like make multiple tops.

All of the combinations are in the photos above, and here are the items with links so that you can read more about them:

A: Rainbow Floral Ruby Top
B: Ginger Jeans
C: Wool and Pink Striped Ponte Lisbon Cardigan
D: Tessuti Kate Top
E: Sequin Trim Cardigan (also the Lisbon Pattern).

Happy Sewing!

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