Monday, February 1, 2016

My Etsy Shop!

It has taken me much longer than I thought it would to figure out all of the details, but I've finally opened my Etsy shop

I'm offering a limited edition of tiny anatomical hearts in bottles. They are about as large as a fingernail, and made of felted wool. 

I've been thinking about that amazing organ that is the center of our organism. The flat symbol that we use to signify the "heart" seems so very two dimensional when you think about the complexity of the anatomical heart. This is a powerful metaphor when you consider the depth of our emotions and the near impossibility of trying to express these emotions to another human being. 

These tiny felted wool hearts are sealed into little glass bottles with a tiny eyehook so that you can wear it around your neck on a chain. 

I'm shipping the heart charms in a handmade pillow box printed with Leonardo da Vinci's amazing anatomical heart drawings.

I also made some anatomical heart cards and put them up for sale, in case anyone who was buying a gift wanted a matching card. I also just think these vintage anatomical drawings are incredibly beautiful. 

I have many more items that I plan to offer for sale... and I also plan to start offering patterns. Hopefully later this spring... there are some details to be worked out yet!

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