Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mushroom Dolls: Amanita Muscaria, or Fly Agaric, the Toadstool

While walking in the woods the other day, I encountered an amazing sight.

At first, I did not comprehend the depth of my own discovery. I had stopped to admire a lovely grouping of what I thought were Amanita Muscaria, the famed Toadstool or Fly Agaric, which are rather uncommon but not unheard of in my region. 

When I stooped to look more closely, I was quite surprised to see that these were not just any Amanitas, but the fantastical variety that are more commonly heard of in German folktales. I had never expected to meet any in the forests of the Finger Lakes!

This lovely pair, a mother and her baby toadstool, conversed with me about seeking a young person who might entertain them by incorporating them into their stories. You see, Mushroom People thrive on the burgeoning imaginations of young people. Having recently joined the Etsy community, I told them that I would place their plea out to the good people who peruse this community.

So, if you know a young person with a good imagination, perhaps involved in a Waldorf program or otherwise taken with fantastical interpretations of the natural world, then please consider adopting this mushroom pair.

Mushroom people also enjoy being admired by adults, if you know of any mycophiles who might appreciate a fantastical interpretation of their hobby or science.

(You might like to know that these toadstools are made out of 100% wool felt from recycled sweaters. They are hand stitched and felted details are added with wool roving, and when stuffing is required, only 100% clean washed wool is used. Their bases are made out of wood, and thread and glue are used to hold their wool coverings in place. They are appropriate for play by children who do not eat their toys and have learned to care for handmade toys).

I hope you find some wonder in your day today!

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