Saturday, July 5, 2014

Outfit Along- Stripes!

I went yarn shopping, and came home with not one, but TWO colors for the sweater for the outfit along. Which means, STRIPES!

Stripes weren't in the original plan for the dress... so I also had to change the plan for the dress. I could see a pattern in black and white, or a solid, but instead I've decided to go for more STRIPES. This is a great wide stripe ponte from Emmaonesock that I had in my stash, and Mccalls 6028 is also in my stash waiting to be sewn.

I just love stripes, I can't quite get enough of them. The graphical possibilities are nearly endless. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal or somewhere in between, and then where they meet on the seams offer even more possibility for interesting interactions- chevrons, matching, deliberately not matching...!

McCalls 6028 has great seam lines which means lots of chances to play with stripe orientation. The only possible hitch in my plans is that I only have 1.5 yards of the stripey fabric, and the pattern calls for 2 1/8 in my usual size 16/18. I might be out of luck.

But there is hope. I might be able to make a smaller size since it is a woven pattern, and I'm using a stretch. Which means I'll figure out what size is exactly my measurements (with no ease)... and if I can manage a size 14, that size only calls for 1 5/8. Dress patterns tend to be far to long on me, so I'll almost surely be able to shorten it by a couple inches, and I don't need much fabric to hem a knit. And if necessary, I could so some of the panels in black or white ponte, which I have in my stash.

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