Monday, July 7, 2014

Hot Pink Milly Dress

Pink is a powerful color.

When I was a little girl, I couldn't get enough of it-- especially with yellow. All of the little girls I drew with my crayons had pink and yellow dresses. In high school I would never have been seen in pink, instead horrifying my mother with my desire to shop in the men's department for oversized shirts to wear with my black leggings and slouchy socks (it was the 80s!). In college I thought pink didn't do justice to a long history of the oppression of women. 

But in my mid 20s, I bought my first bikini (my mom didn't believe in such nonsense!): it was a hot pink triangle bikini. In my late 20s, I favored a hot pink bra top on days when I knew I was going to be on the sharp end, on lead for my mostly male climbing partners.

Now, as a mom and a wife, a bit of hot pink still makes a statement. It says: I'm a woman and not afraid if the world knows it!

When I saw this hot pink Milly silk jersey, I knew I had to have it. It is just beautiful fabric, opaque with a matte surface. It was actually much easier to work with than other silk jerseys I've worked with, not slippery at all.

 I chose a very simple pattern that I traced off of a BCBGMaxazria dress that I've had for years. The neckline is actually very clever, it is all one piece that folds over and becomes the facing for the inside of the neck and the armholes. Since it was jersey, I didn't do any seam finishes. The rest of the dress is a simple sheath.

I finished it with a 3 inch wide stretch lace. It is a very easy way to finish the hem, and I think it gives the dress just an extra bit of elegance.

The draped neckline is the same on the front and back, so it can be worn so that it is more drapey around the neck, or alternately, as an almost off-the shoulder look.

 I made this dress over 6 months ago and just haven't gotten around to blogging it yet. I even brought it to Rome with me, one of only 2 dresses I brought with me. The reason it made the cut was that it is a great packable dress. I can roll it up into a little ball, stuff it in a corner of my suitcase, and it looks fine when I pull it out to wear in the evening. Just try that with charmeuse or crepe!

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