Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wool Winter Coat: Choosing a Pattern

I had no idea choosing the pattern for my winter coat would be so difficult!

This coat by Burberry just takes my breath away! Contemporary and classic at the same time. Not very practical- it is quite exaggerated with the wasp-waist and the dramatic shoulders. But I like the simple, clean lines.

It is always a good bet to pick something that lots of people have sewed successfully. For example, I just love Gertie's Butterick B5824... but I think that would be too dramatic for an everyday coat, at least on me.

The Lady Gray by Colette patterns is a bit tempting... I think I will make this one someday, with the collars trimmed down a bit. I love the shaping in the body of this coat! But I worry about that collar... I like a collar that can be turned up against the cold, and the way it is constructed I'm not sure it would serve that purpose very well. It would be a lovely coat, but just not an everyday coat for me.

My biggest contender is Burda 8292. I like the simple lines of it, the two part sleeve. I'm just not sure if it will be too simple. I'd probably do the funnel collar... but the other collar has possibilities too, if the tailoring was done well it would look like my Burberry inspiration.

It has princess seams, but I might give it a bit more shaping at the waist and hips since I'm not a stick like the models. I'd also add a back vent, and sleeve vents or tabs.

Other possibilities... Simplicity 2508. I'm not sure how I feel about the raglan sleeves, but it has great lines. I'm not overly excited about double-breasted styles, but I'm not totally against it. I'd need a lot of buttons! I'd definitely do the funnel collar on this one.

Vogue 8346. I love the shape, but the lapels look a bit strange to me. Too pointy, cut in very deep... might be fixable.

Butterick 5425, out of print but looks to be available from several sources. Very victorian! The romantic side of me loves it... but that skirt is pretty impractical for my everyday look.

I wish I could find a coat where I loved the look of the lapels! That's the main reason I haven't settled yet. But I will probably work up a muslim of Burda 8292 and see how it goes.

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