Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Outfit Along!

I really want to join the Outfit Along. What a cool idea!

Lladybird is one of my favorite bloggers, and I'm totally amazed by Andi's skills with yarn.

Especially brilliant of them is the fact that they are totally encouraging people to join in, even if they choose to sew and knit different patterns.

However, it so happens that I SUCK at knitting. Like it would take me two years to knit a sweater. I honestly don't know what my problem is, I've set out to learn more than once and I understand the concept but I just can't get to a point where I actually enjoy it.

It could be because I LOVE crocheting. I've gone through periods of my life where I've been so totally addicted to it, just the feel of the motion and the yarn in my hands. So I've put in a request to Lladybird and Myrna to see if crocheting is against the rules.

In anticipation, I went browsing for patterns, and found that there are a TON of gorgeous top-down sweater patterns for crocheters. I honestly have never made a sweater before, just lots of scarves, hats and mittens, so it would be a really fun challenge. I think the Chevron Lace Cardigan might be a good one to do as a first sweater pattern. So many people have made it, with great results-- and it's free!

I have to go yarn shopping, but I'm thinking of something relatively low-key to highlight the chevron pattern and the print I have in mind for the dress. Like, maybe black! One just can't have enough black cardigans in their wardrobe!

For the dress, I have this gorgeous silk print in my stash that I've been looking for an excuse to make into something. It is an edgy black and yellow print that Emmaonesock called the "firefly" print.

I bought 1.5 yards, then I also bought a piece that showed up in the remants since I had second thoughts on whether 1.5 would be enough.

I just looove the dress Lladybird is making, but I just can't see that style on me. Gathers around the waist just don't look good on me. So I was thinking about this faux wrap from Burdastyle (#141)

Or this one with an empire waist and a gathered bust (#112). Probably without the front buttons... I'd love to do a zipper, but it might be too heavy for this silk. So maybe just a clean front and side zip.

What do you think?

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