Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedding DIY- Cupcakes

I decided cupcakes would be so much cuter, and cheaper, than a cake.

The cupcake stand is made out of foam core and decorated with tiny paper flowers.

The cupcakes were made a couple days in advance, and frozen (placed on the unheated, screened porch in January!) The night before we iced and decorated them.

We decorated them with hearts made out of rolled fondant (store bought). Two different size heart cookie cutters were used to cut out the hearts, and they were left on cookie sheets to harden overnight. They were brushed with pearl cake decorating powder mixed with a little water. The cupcakes were also sprinkled with white crystalized sugar and tiny metallic hearts that I found in the cake decorating section of the local craft store.

Plastic cupcake holders were essential-- we talked a local bakery into selling us a few.

Next time I use fondant as a decoration, I will put them on at the very last minute... probably the day of the event. They got a bit soggy and droopy overnight, and I spent a bunch of time propping them up with toothpicks.

The cupcakes were a big success... our guests loved them.

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