Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Velveteen Rabbit Sew Along Day 4: Sewing the Body and Attaching the Ears

Welcome back to the Velveteen Rabbit Sewalong. Today we will be assembling the body of the rabbit. This is an exciting day, since your rabbit will start looking like a "real" rabbit!

Sewing the Body

For all seams, use a 1/4 inch seam allowance unless otherwise indicated. 

Start by getting your belly piece and sewing the dart on the belly of the rabbit. Fold the belly piece in half, right sides together, and mark the start and the finish of the dart onto your fabric piece. Sew from the wide part of the dart to the point. I usually sew just to the end of the dart, then tie the two sewing strands by hand to secure it.

If you have underlined your bunny, sew a line of basting down the center of the dart first. Then fold your belly piece and sew the dart as described above. This helps to make sure the two pieces of fabric stay together when you sew the dart. 

For the next steps, make sure that you have marked points A and B on both the Belly and the two Body pieces. 

Sew the Belly and one Body pieces, right sides together, from point A (the top of the shoulder) to the base of the rabbit's foot. Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance. 

Then sew the second Body piece to the other side of the belly, also sewing from Point A to the base of the foot.

Next, you will sew the short distance from point A to point B. Clip the tight angles on one of the Body pieces just to the 1/4 inch seam allowance, which should allow you to lay it flat against the Belly. Then sew from A to B. Repeat for the other side.

Then sew the body pieces together from point B around the head and down the back.

Clip tight corners and curves just to the stitching. Turn right side out.

Attaching the Ears

You are now ready to attach the ears to the body. Watch the steps in the video, or follow the pictures below. 

Cut holes for the ears in the body using the markings on the pattern pieces. 

Turn the body right side out. Fold the ears, then insert into the holes from the outside of the bunny. 

Turn the bunny back inside out, and sew across the top of the head, catching the bottoms of the ears and the edges of the ear holes. Baste first to check placement, then sew with a stronger stitch.

Turn right side out and admire your work! Your bunny should be starting to look like a bunny. 

Add the Tail

To make the tail, sew together the two tail pieces right sides together. Clip the curve of the tail.

Turn right side out. Stuff with a bit of stuffing. Baste the tail into place on the rear of the bunny, centering the tail over the center back seam.

Sew the base

Clip the tight corners, just short of the 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Line up the base with the body/belly of the bunny. Make sure your pieces are right sides together. The notch on the back of the base lines up with the center back of the bunny.

Sew around the base, leaving a 5 inch gap for stuffing.

Okay, that's all for today. Tomorrow we will finish up our bunnies with stuffing and details like the eyes and nose.

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