Saturday, October 10, 2015

Prada sport top- TNT princess seam top

If I look tired in these pics, it is because I am! Poor little lion is waking up many, many times per night. Something is bothering him...maybe teeth coming in, or funniness in his insides from the new solid foods in his diet, or maybe stuffiness from the cold that he has. Which means mom is very sleep deprived. Sewing-wise, it means she wants quick, satisfying sews. Hence, my TNT top in luxurious designer ponte knit. I probably would not have even splurged on this fabric, but I had a crazy idea. 

Isn't that a cool idea? I was planning on using two Closet Case Files patterns: Ginger Jeans for the bottom, and the Bombshell swimsuit for the top (significantly altered!). I know that Closet Case Files also has a jumpsuit pattern, but I don't do gathered waists and I thought the halter would be super sexy. 

However, here is the thing... I'm a sewist, and I sew for my own body. And while I might have possibly convinced myself that I might wear this with my pretty drawings, when I basted together the bottoms and tried them on, I knew instantly that there was not a chance I would wear this in public. Quite honestly, I just don't have the proportions to pull this off right now, and I'm not sure I ever will. 

But, the fabric is gorgeous... a Prada Sport double knit from Emmaonesock. It is hard to show in pictures just how lovely this fabric is... the print is just the tiniest bit dimensional and it is drapey and feels luscious. And the two different scales of the print are just so cool. So I gathered up my scraps and sewed myself a top that I know I will wear, as often as I can pull off without looking repetitive.

I was thinking comfy and non-clingy this weekend, so I left the top fairly loose. I often sew this pattern with wovens, so I took in the side seams by 5/8 in on each side to make it a little closer fitting. I used strips of the smaller scale knit as a binding for the neck and sleeves, and left the binding visible. I just love ponte tops, they are so forgiving and a bit cozy, so easy to throw on over jeans. 

It really was not too much of a loss... I discovered in cutting and basting the Ginger Jeans pattern that the fit is pretty darn good. In a nice dark, thick ponte it would make some great comfy pants, and now that the pattern is printed and assembled, I'm that much closer to actually making a pair of jeans. In addition, I think the pants panels, when disassembled, would make a great paneled dress....

The bummer is that I didn't make one little thing for the Sew Indie Month contests. My ideas were all too ambitious or didn't work out-- and I just couldn't settle on anything in the time I had, which was not much time at all! But my heart is with those great indie designers, and many of my upcoming makes will be their fabulous patterns.


  1. Your top looks great and I admire your wise decision to make something that really suits you.

    The wide world of sewing sends us on wonderful flights of fancy and creative ideas. I'm finally learning the difference between what I like to LOOK AT and what I will actually WEAR.

  2. I totally agree! I just did a little wardrobe purge this weekend, and it is still hard for me to let go of some things that I THINK I want to wear but I know, for a fact, I never wear.

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