Monday, September 28, 2015

Lunar Eclipse 'Blood Moon'

Did anyone else see this? It was pretty spectacular from where we are!


I would have liked the timing of the intervals to be more methodical, but the kiddos kept waking up and wanting me to cuddle them in bed, so I just did the best I could. Shot with a 200mm lens.

Of course in moments when I wasn't cuddling or admiring the view, I was pulling together my next sewing project! I had big ideas for Sew Indie Month, but not sure if anything is going to pan out-- nothing has really gone smoothly and time is short. Do you want to hear my woeful excuses? It might be entertaining to you...

For "Dressed to the Nines," I had planned to make a Snowball dress (Waffle Patterns) with a custom print at Spoonflower, but then I lost my Photoshop file after spending HOURS on the composite I was making. Not to mention the long turnaround time for getting fabric printed and shipped, and I can't justify sending the file until it is just PERFECT since the cost of the fabric is at the high end of the range I would even consider purchasing. So, that one is on the back burner for awhile, certainly not going to make an October 4th deadline. I still want to make it... it is going to be FANTASTIC when I finish it!

For some undetermined category, I was planning on making a body-con dress out of the Fehr Trade Surf to Summit top. It will have open shoulders and a band around the neck. It is sort of a crazy idea, and I think it will be fabulous, but after making a "wearable" test version, I think my adaptation still needs work. Making alterations to the pattern takes a bit of trial and error since it is rather unusual, a raglan sleeve and no side seam. My altered pattern looks crazy, and will look crazier before I'm done! To further add to the pressure, the fabric I would love to make it out of is a Missoni knit from my stash, and I don't want to rush when working with such a special and unique fabric. I could work with a less precious fabric-- I even selected one and have it washed and sitting next to my workstation-- but I'm not enthused about it.

But what I was working on last night was for the 'Pattern Hacking' category, and I don't want to spoil the surprise. It will either be fabulous our a complete fail. It involves the Ginger Jeans pattern, and I cut the pieces last night, can't wait to baste together and see how close or far I am from my goal...

That might take DAYS, btw. Sewing time is ridiculously short, and I do need to sleep sometime...!

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