Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Drapey linen tunic-top

Here is my favorite top of the summer. A little rumpled in this picture, and not perfect, but definitely my go-to top for a hot day. It is an adaptation of Simplicty 2404, and by this time looks nothing like the original, having extended the bodice of the dress into a full princess-seamed tunic-top. I made it in a gorgeous digital print linen from Marcy Tilton, the same one she uses in her new spring dress pattern. I bought the pattern, but really I think I envied the fabric! Finally one yard showed up in the roll ends, discounted enough that I could justify purchasing it. I've remade this pattern several times in knits this fall, subtracting width to create negative ease and taking in the neckline a bit to reduce the bit of gaping that is going on here.

It may not be the most polished top, but I sort of love the way linen wrinkles, it is cool in the hottest weather, and the princess seams combined with the drapey-ness make me feel like I have a figure even when I'm not in the mood to show it off!

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