Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monster Cupcakes! For Julian's 8th birthday.

The cake is a basic vanilla cupcake from scratch (an adaptation of a recipe from Martha Stewart Kids, found online) and the icing is also vanilla-flavored (not spinach, in case you were wondering!) cream cheese and butter.

One could really go crazy here, but I tried to keep decorations as simple as possible:

--3 colors of gel-icing tubes (white, black, and red)

--candy eyes (found at Michaels Crafts, in the cake section

--red licorice laces

--M&Ms in white, black, yellow, and aqua (bulk section of the supermarket!)

--mini M&Ms

Julian got right into the decorating! I made some too... (with permission from the head artist!). They are sooo cute that I had to take pictures of them all...

I was going for scary, but this just turned out cute!

Big Grin monster (Julian)
Baby Vampire (me)
Zombie? Julian
Animalistic cyclops (me)
Evil vampire (me)
Triclops (me)
The inspiration cupcake (me)
Stalk-eyed monster (me)
Stabbed cupcake (Julian)
Green eyed horned monster (me)
Classic cyclops (Julian)
Things got a little crazy on the last cupcake (Julian)
Frog eating a fly off of his forehead (Julian)
Tri-eyed monster (Julian)
Happy polka dot monster (me)
Girl monster (me... made scarier when Julian tried to make her grin)
Drippy eyed monster (Julian)
Long-tongued alien (Julian)
Mess cupcake (Julian-- he claims this one for himself!)
Guess who? (David)
Cyclops with mono-antenna (Julian)
Injured monster (me)

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