Monday, August 2, 2010

Bending Wood

One of the distinctive features of our house are the stucco arches on the porches. When we decided to screen in part of the lower porch, these arches became a challenge. After considering several options, David decided to bend the wood with steam.
Here is David with the straight piece of wood, cut to length with both ends angled to fit.
The straight wood entering the steam machine.

One hour later, the steamed wood is taken out...

Quickly, the wood is pressed into a rough arch shape.

Here's another view of the wood bending.

The wood is wrangled into place and pre-cut supports are hammered into place.

We did three arches, and as might be expected, the last is the most beautiful curve!

Here is another picture admiring the near perfect curve.

This is the first arch that David steamed, with the decorative rays in place.

So pretty!

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